Hello KCSA-ers!!

Unfortunately, I have not received any feedback from you, our beloved ushers, about what you're loving about the shows this year! So that means you all have to listen to us talk about what I love.

Last weekend, I attended the University of Illinois' Philharmonia Orchestra's first performance. I was blown away by the level of talent shown during this show. The orchestra played two pieces which showcased different techniques by the musicians. I was able to talk to Amy Kmak, who plays first chair trombone in the orchestra. I asked her what the most exciting thing about being in Philharmonia is. 

 "We're all playing pieces that we've heard a hundred times before. However, it is a whole new experience when you actually have to sit down and play it because you realize there is still so much to be learned." she said.

I highly recommended that everyone go out and see their second performance of the semester that will take place in December 11. 

Also, someone very special will be at the Krannert Center starting October 24. Shakespeare is coming! Or rather...one of his plays. Starting this Thursday, the Krannert Center will be performing The Tempest. As one of Shakespeare's comedies, this play is sure to be full of laughs and a great way to spend a night. 

I hope everyone's semester is going excellent so far and please, please start emailing in what you are loving about the performances you usher. The KCSA is all about our ushers and we want your feedback more than anything.

Happy weekend all!