Happy fall and welcome back KCSA-ers!!

After a slightly slow start to our theater season, we are getting back into the swing of things. Student ushering began October 1st, and everyone at KCSA is excited make this an amazing year.

This weekend is guaranteed to be a great kickoff to the semester with a concert with the Champaign-Urbana Symphony Orchestra, the theater performance, 9 Parts of Desire and a talk entitled That is What She Said.

9 Parts of Desire tells the story of nine Iraqi and Iraqi-American women during the time between the Persian Gulf Wars and US occupation. It paints the true image of women’s lives during times of war.

That is What She Said also depicts the stories of women. Seven women, ages 20-85, will share important moments in their lives within a seven minute time-frame  The theme of this talk is to always love who you are and to never live in fear.

We hope all ushers and patrons have a fantastic time at these performances.
One last note KCSA-ers, we need your help! This year is going to focus on what you, the ushers and patrons of the Krannert Center, think about the performances you attend. This is because those behind the scenes have as big of a role in productions as the actors on stage. So tell us what you loved about what you saw!! KCSA is nuts about theater and we want to spread our passion and enthusiasm to all members of the U of I community but we cannot do it alone.

So here is how you do it. If you attended a performance, either as an usher or a patron, and you loved a particular costume, actor, musician, set change, or anything else tell us about it! Email us at kcsarocks@gmail.com with the subject “This is what I loved about…” and then tell us your name, what show you attended, and what you loved about it! We will take your comments and add them into these blogs.

Thank you all and have an excellent weekend!