Hello KCSA-ers! I hope you all had a fantastic break and that everyone is ready to jump into the new semester. I have two very important annoucements regarding the Spring semester in the KCSA.

1. There will be an usher training on February 4th. All returning members who wish to usher shows in the Spring must attend this training. It will be held in the Great Hall from 6-7 PM. If you have an questions regarding the training please email us at kcsarocks@gmail.com 

2. We will be having general meetings throughout the semester for all members of KCSA. The dates and times of the meetings are as follows:

2/11/14: Group Meeting 1, 6p-7p, Studio Theatre

2/25/14: Group Meeting 2, 6p-7p, Foellinger Great Hall

3/18/14: Group Meeting 3, 6p-7p, Colwell Playhouse

4/8/14: Group Meeting 4, 6p-7p, Tryon Festival Theatre

5/6/14: Group Meeting 5, 6p-7p, Amphitheater (weather permitting)

KCSA is very excited to start a new semester and we hope you are all as well!

Enjoy your first week back!