Hey everyone!

Returning to the blog to throw out some information that will be useful both for returning and new members.

1) Registration for Spring 2016
The signup form for Spring 2016 shows will become available in January.  The exact date you will receive the email depends on how many points you have...

  • 40 points and up: Monday, January 11
  • 30-39 points: Tuesday, January 12
  • 20-29 points: Wednesday, January 13
  • 10-19 points: Thursday, January 14
  • Under 10 points/new members: Friday, January 15

Take advantage of early signup access if you have it!  It'll increase your chances of getting spots in the most popular performances like ELLNORA or the CSO.

New members: remember that you MUST complete your training before you can sign up for any performances.  Please read the "Join KCSA!" page on our website for detailed instructions on how to do so.

2) Events and Meetings
We will begin meeting on February 16, 2016 (may be used as an info meeting depending on how many new members sign up between now and then).  From that point on we will meet every Tuesday at 6pm until April 12th.

  • We will NOT be meeting on March 19th because we'll all be on Spring Break!
  • Our end-of-semester party will take place on a WEDNESDAY, April 20th, so we can go see a Lyric Theatre Invited Dress Rehearsal :)

As always, we plan a series of various tours, activities, and interactive experiences to enhance your overall involvement at KCPA, but if you have any suggestions we'd love to hear them!

3) AdBoard Applications
We will be holding this year's AdBoard elections earlier than usual so that we have more time to have candidates shadow/be trained before we go on break for the summer.  (That way when you assume the position full-time in the fall, you'll already have a good grasp on what's going on :))  We're still in the earliest stages of planning the applications and interview processes, so I unfortunately cannot give you any more details on things like dates, etc.  However, as soon as we have more solid plans I will be sure to announce them!

Something we are looking for in particular is help with internal operations/database work, technical/IT duties, and of course someone who can regularly come to KCSA events to help with miscellaneous things like setting up/tearing down.  People with experience or even just an interest in this type of work are especially encouraged to apply!

That's all the news I have for now.  The newsletters will be going on a short hiatus for the winter break, but I will send one or two out in the last couple of weeks of break, and definitely a registration reminder before Jan. 11th.

Thanks everyone for all your dedicated work!  Good luck on finals and we'll see you next year :)

~Megan, KCSA Marketing