Thank Falstaff it's Friday.

Woot woot!  The Spring 2016 Signup is now available to all members!

You guys have been doing GREAT so far filling up those shows.  The first few performances of the semester are completely filled, and most of the high-profile shows are either full or have a substantial number of ushers.

If you didn't manage to get into a show you wanted, don't fret!  All is not lost.  Check back...a lot.  Stalk the page, especially on the day of the show.  Shows that are completely full tend to have at least a couple of cancellations last-minute.  I'll keep checking the list for shows that are full and update our FB and Twitter whenever there's a vacancy.

Also, console thy arts-loving heart with this: the main reason we give out usher points is to stagger registration.  People with more points get access to the link earlier.  So the more shows you usher now, the more likely you are in the future to get into the more popular spots.  We all have to start from somewhere, right?

Be sure to contact us at if you have any questions or problems, or if you're new and wanna get in on all this ushering fun!

Hope to see you around Krannert Center!

~Megan Vescio, KCSA AdBoard