Welcome back, students!!!

Hope everyone's enjoying their first days of the new year!  This final "Helpful Guides" post is specifically for students in music or any other programs/classes where there is a requirement for attending performances.

Some classes will provide tickets free of charge, which are usually funded by a fee that is assessed when registering for the course.  However, for some performing arts majors (including music performance), students are required to attend a certain number of shows per semester...sometimes without complimentary tickets.  This might be okay for free shows like some of the recitals in Smith Hall, but what if you want or even need to see some performances at Krannert?

Granted, Krannert Center tickets are never more than $10 for students, which is cool.  But if you saw even half of your required "Big 10" shows at Krannert, that would be up to $50 for the semester.  On top of your other tuition, housing, book, supplies, and miscellaneous costs.

The solution to that?  Become an usher!

Ushering requires minimal commitment: you follow the steps of usher registration on our website, sign up once registration begins, show up a little early to put on a vest and hand out programs, and boom.  You get to see the show, you have access to programs which you may need for your assignments, and it's all for free.

If you want to do more than that, you might also consider attending our General Meetings (basically, social activities and special tours of Krannert Center—first meeting is Sept. 19th at 6pm!).  But that's totally up to you.

If you have any questions, please consult the FAQ or Usher Manual on our website, or email us at kcsarocks@gmail.com.

Happy show-seeing!

Megan Vescio
KCSA President