I fondly remember spending about 20% of my time freshman year getting lost (as opposed to the ~5% now, as a senior).  More than one of those incidents involved Krannert Center: the first time I tried to walk there I ended up at the Morrow Plots on south campus, and one time I took a bus in the wrong direction and ALMOST missed my ushering call time because my bus went all the way up to Lincoln & Killarney (the farthest point on that route) before swinging back to campus.

So, in short, I absolutely will not judge you if you get lost 1, 2, or 12 times during your first semester here.  However, I will pass along some information which will hopefully make things a little easier.

The address is 500 S. Goodwin Ave, as detailed by the little Google Maps thing below.  This is just a couple blocks east of the Main Quad/south of the Engineering Quad.  It's close to the MCB Building, Illinois Street Residence Hall, and Manolo's Empanadas (trying to include the major campus landmarks here).

If you live on campus, even though you're within walking distance I would still recommend getting to know the bus system because it does rain/storm a lot in Chambana and you might find yourself not wanting to arrive to an ushering shift cold and drenched.  Your dorms will probably give you MTD schedule booklets when you move in, but I personally found their website to be more helpful—in particular, their Trip Planner and Bus Stop Lookup.  You won't see too many options on there now because it's summer and many routes are unavailable, but there will be a much more diverse selection when the semester starts up again.

The two stops that serve Krannert are "Krannert Center" and "Chemical and Life Sciences" (they're both in the same place, just on opposite sides of the street).  The Illini, Gold, Raven, & Teal are the "campus-based" routes that serve those stops, while the Red, Brown & Green Express connect these stops to off-campus areas.  Their availability changes on the nights and weekends, so it's important to check the MTD website before embarking on a new trip.  It's also important to pay attention to route directions—for example, even though Ikenberry Commons is south of Krannert Center, because of the way the Illini's route works, you actually need to take the southbound (not the northbound) bus to get to Krannert!  Using the trip planner will determine the best route for you.

If you're on the Quad, looking at the iconic and oft-photographed Illini Union, from that perspective Krannert Center will be on your right.  You'll want to turn right and walk in that direction for a couple of blocks until you see a building that is unmistakably different from the others!

Isn't it lovely!

Hopefully this helps!  Also remember that you can stop people to ask for directions.  Every single one of us has gotten lost before, probably a few times, so most people will be happy to help!

There will be more "help guide" posts in the coming weeks.  Until then, feel free to email us at kcsarocks@gmail.com if you have any questions!

Megan Vescio
KCSA President