All information you need to know about being an usher is available in the KCSA Usher Manual. Some common questions are also answered here. If you have a question that you cannot find an answer to here or in the KCSA Usher Manual, feel free to contact us

What should I wear?
When working as an usher, you must come dressed in:
  • A plain white collared button-down dress shirt, tucked in
  • Black dress pants (or skirt for women)
  • Comfy black dress shoes, preferably flat
  • Ties are optional

Krannert Center provides black vests for ushers, which you can find in the Foellinger Great Hall usher closet. When you report to usher you should be completely in uniform. How you present yourself is a reflection of Krannert Center, therefore it is important that all ushers look neat and presentable.

What do you mean "arrive on time"; what time do I need to arrive?
When you are registering for a show, there are two times listed: a show time and a call time. You need to arrive before the call time. We need you there before the patrons arrive; so we can do check-in, assign ushers to sections, and go over the show information.

What if I can't make it?
If you know ahead of time that you won't be able to make a show you signed up for, please remove yourself from the SignUpGenius AT LEAST 24 HOURS in advance.  If you remove yourself any later, you risk having your name still be on the staff list that we actually use to assign sections that night!  If you absolutely must cancel the day of a show, please call the Patron Services Desk at (217) 333-9716 and let them know.  (This is the policy for paid staff, too.)

Anyone who fails to show up to an ushering shift without having taken their name off the sign-up and/or contacting Patron Services will be counted as a no-show (-1 ushering points).

How long are the shows?
Show times vary from 2 hours to more than 3 hours depending on the production. Please refer to for approximate run times.

Do I have to stay the whole time?
Yes. When you register for a show, you are committing to volunteer for the whole evening. Emergencies and illness are the only exceptions.

How do the points work?
Points are given out for ushering and attending KCSA events, such as the General Meetings. As you earn points you are given earlier access to the sign up form each semester, increasing your chances of seeing the performances you are most interested in. You can also earn sweet KCSA swag, like t-shirts, notebooks, and your own name tag!

Points are earned as follows:

+2 points: You attend an assigned show properly dressed and on time.
+1 point: You attend a KCSA event or General Meeting.
-1 point: You sign up for a show but do not attend and do not remove yourself from the sign up form

How do I check my points and shows?
Points: At the end of each semester we will compile a list of all active members based on who is signed up on our email list, then match that with the points we have tallied for each member in our database. We use this list to determine the order that members are given access to the following semester's sign up form, and to give out awesome Krannert Center and KCSA merchandise. If you ever feel that your points are inaccurate please contact us to let us know. 

Shows: You can check your schedule at any time by logging into your SignUpGenius account. Your schedule of performances you signed up for is listed right at the top of the page. 

How do I join Adboard?
  • To be eligible for the Administrative Board, one must be a preexisting KCSA member for at least one semester. 
  • We begin the application and interview process during the Spring semester, typically completing the process by April so that our new members can spend the remainder of the semester shadowing current members.
  • The application will be sent out to all members via our mailing list and also posted to the KCSA website + Facebook

When is usher training?
Training is available all the time through our Online Volunteer Usher Training. It only takes 35-55 minutes, and then you are ready to volunteer. 

Why do I need to be trained first?
As a volunteer usher you play a significant role in assuring that the many performances at Krannert Center run smoothly. Because ushers have such a high level of contact with the patrons, they need to be well versed on theater and performance procedures.

Do I register more than once?
No, once you have joined our email list and are in our database you will continue to receive updates about registration every semester. You can unsubscribe from our email list if you no longer want to be a member. 

How often is registration and training?
Registration and training are available at any time throughout the semester. You can enroll in the online Volunteer Usher Training through the Join KCSA page and complete it on Compass, the same site you use for many of your classes. Registration opens up at the beginning of each semester and is made available to members who have the most points first. The most shows you usher, the more points you earn, and the sooner you can sign up for great performances each semester!

If I'm looking for employment, who do I contact?