The Krannert Center Student Association Ad-Board is responsible for managing everything KCSA does, from updating member points to planning the general meetings.


Megan Vescio
Senior, majoring in English Literature and minoring in Psychology

I joined KCSA as soon as I managed to find them at Quad Day during my freshman year.  Art is an essential part of my life, particularly in the forms of musicianship, Renaissance Faires, and photography.  Krannert Center is by far my favorite place on campus and KCSA allows me to experience Champaign-Urbana’s extensive arts community to the fullest.  As I head into my fourth year (!!!) as a proud KCSA member, I can't wait to continue sharing my passion for the arts with my fellow students!

Vice President:

Rianna Greer
Junior, majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Music (Voice)

I am deeply in love with music and any form of creative expression. That's why I strongly support KCSA and what it stands for. KCSA lets you be as involved as you want to be in the Urbana-Champaign arts community and I've never regretted signing for it on Quad Day my freshman year, as many of my fellow Ad-Board members would agree with.


KT Wonderlin
Senior, double-majoring in Linguistics and Spanish

I joined KCSA my first semester of freshman year after my sister dragged me to the first meeting.  And I have a lot to thank her for.  I love KCSA and how it provides a direct link between student and the amazing performing arts center that we have here on campus.  Also I really like learning to throw a fake punch and to appreciate all forms of art.

Marketing, Events, & Outreach

Yushi (April) Wang
Senior, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Electrical Engineering

I joined KCSA my first semester of freshman year. I enjoy the performing arts a lot, and would like to explore Krannert Center more. Lighting, stage design, music, designs of theaters, and various kinds of performances are the most fascinating to me, and I hope there are more opportunities for people to learn about Krannert.

Michelle Burns
Sophomore, majoring in Dance

I've been in love with the arts my whole life, so finding KCSA my freshman year was a great experience. I truly adore being in the Krannert Center for classes and performances, and I'm so excited to spend more time in my favorite place with KCSA! I look forward to working with outreach and spreading more good 'ole love for the arts around campus.

Meagan Schaffer
Sophomore, majoring in Business

After participating as a general member within KCSA my freshman year, I am extremely excited to continue to contribute to such a wonderful organization with my role under the Adboard! I have always appreciated and respected the arts, so I’m thrilled that I will be able to encourage more students to become immersed in the Krannert Center and all its glory.

Internal Operations:

Connor Reardon
Sophomore, majoring in Computer Science

I joined KCSA the second semester of my freshman year, when I realized just watching performances wasn’t enough. KCSA has given me the opportunity to learn more about the arts and support one of the best parts of our campus. I look forward to working on Ad-Board to make sure other members can have a great experience.


Nicholas Puddicombe
Patron Services Director

Working with KCSA is one of the best parts of my job here at Krannert Center. I love sharing my knowledge of the performing arts and the Center with the group. Being an advisor for one of the University's oldest RSOs is an honor, and getting to work with students from so many different disciplines and backgrounds is always a great experience. 

Crystal Womble

Outreach Director